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Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein | Which is the better for Muscle Building?

Looking for a supplement that can help in muscle building? Generally, beginners are confused to choose from a variety of supplements, but most of them are confused between Mass Gainer and Whey Protein. Should I take Mass Gainer or Whey Protein for muscle building? So, this comparison on Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein will clear all your doubts, which is a better supplement for your fitness goals.

Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein

Before concluding Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein, it becomes essential to analyze the primary usage of these supplements. What do they contain (Nutritional Profile) and what is their purpose in bodybuilding. This will also help you choose the best mass gainer or whey protein available in the supplement market.

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Mass Gainer Explained

What is a Mass Gainer?

Mass Gainer is a supplement available in the powder form. It is marketed by the companies as a mass gaining supplement. There are a variety of attractive Mass gainers available in the market that have a very catchy tagline like "Extreme Gaining" and so on.

Mass Gainers usually contain a high amount of Simple Carbohydrates, Moderate Protein and Low Fats. They also have Artificial Sweeteners, Vitamins/Minerals and majority of the Mass Gainers contain Maltodextrin. Simple Carbs are usually Sugar that has a High Glycemic Index.

Nutritional Profile Of A Mass Gainer (Average Of the Majority):-

Each 30gm Scoop Contains:
Calories - 130Kcal To 150Kcal
Protein - 8gm To 12gm
Carbohydrates - 23gm to 27gm
Fats - 0.5gm to 1gm

So, you can see that most of the Calories come from Carbohydrates (Most of it is Sugar). Excess Carbohydrates can lead to weight gain in the form of Fat. Therefore, if you want to build lean muscle mass, then Mass Gainer isn't an ideal supplement. Carbs are usually available in your kitchen in the form of Oats, Rice, Bread, Fruits, etc.

Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein, mass gainer

Therefore, isn't it a bad idea to buy an additional product for Carbohydrates, when they can be consumed easily through real food in your kitchen? So, make a smart choice and try to consume Carbs through real diet available in your kitchen easily.

What are the benefits of Mass Gainer?

Mass Gainers can help to fulfil a certain amount of your daily caloric goals quickly. These powders can save your time, and you do not have to worry about eating all day until you fulfil your macro requirements. They can also be helpful for skinny people who just want to gain weight without any worry of fat accumulation on the body.

What are the Side Effects of Mass Gainer?

Mass Gainers contain Maltodextrin and Sugar that can create many side effects if consumed in an excess quantity such as:-
High Fat Accumulation
Low Energy
Weakens Immunity
Increased Cravings

Whey Protein Explained

What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein is an excellent source of Protein made from Milk during the process of making Cheese. Whey Protein has a complete amino profile that makes it an optimal muscle building supplement. It is available in different types such as Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydrolyzed, Isolate, Blend, and so on. You can also check this guide if you are looking for Whey Protein Under ₹1500.

Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein, whey protein powder

They usually contain High Protein content, a meagre amount of Carbohydrates and Fats are also present. They also contain Artificial Sweeteners, and most of them are free from banned substances. This makes it an excellent supplement to gain lean muscle mass.

Nutritional Profile Of A Whey Protein (Average Of the Majority):-

Each 30gm Scoop Contains:
Calories - 105Kcal To 130Kcal
Protein - 22gm to 28gm
Carbohydrates - 0gm to 6gm
Fats - 0gm to 3gm

So, most of the Calories in a Whey Protein Supplement come from Protein. This makes it a useful product to fulfil our daily protein requirements. If you are unable to consume the required amount of Protein through real food, then Whey Protein Powder is a convenient option.

What are the benefits of Whey Protein?

Whey Protein has several benefits that help the body to repair damaged muscle tissues resulting in muscle gain. It is one of the best protein sources with added non-essential amino acids. The absorption rate is quick and easy to digest for the body. It can also help in Fat Loss, and Muscle Gain depending on its usage in the diet plan.

What are the disadvantages of Whey Protein?

There are almost no Side Effects or Disadvantages of using Whey Protein. But if you are consuming in excess quantity or a Duplicate Supplement, then it might lead to:-
So, there are only some disadvantages that can be avoided by taking the right product and dosage. However, anyone allergic to a certain kind of substance or under medications may face some issues.

Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein | Which is the better for Muscle Building?

Since you have got a deep insight into Mass Gainer and Whey Protein. You might have concluded the answer to Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein, Which is the better for Muscle Building? However, if you didn't, then these points will clarify all your queries.

1. Whey Protein is simply a source of Protein. Similarly, Mass Gainers can be taken as a source of Carbohydrates. Since Carbs can be easily consumed and available in comparison to the Protein. It makes more sense to buy a Whey Protein.

2. Whey Protein has almost no side effects. The Sugar and Maltodextrin present in the Mass Gainers have some side effects. So, Whey Wins!

3. Whey Protein can be used while Bulking as well as Cutting. Mass Gainer can only assist in Bulking. Again Whey over Gainer!

4. Whey tastes better, and there is an excellent variety of Flavours than Gainers.

5. Mass Gainer is better only if you want to add size to your body, but most of it would be in the form of Fat.

To conclude, Mass Gainer V/s Whey Protein, it can be observed that Whey Wins over Gainer. There is no harm in taking both the supplements but only if it fits your macro plan. Whey Protein is more worthy of a product than Sugar filled Mass Gainer.

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