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Bulking And Cutting Explained | When Should You Bulk Or Cut?

Bulking and Cutting are the most important seasons for building a muscular physique. If you are a beginner to the gym and do not know about Bulk or Cut, you are missing out on optimal techniques to build an aesthetic physique. Therefore, this information is all about Bulking and Cutting. Some essential queries answered are:-

Bulking And Cutting

  1. What is Bulking? How To Bulk Fast?
  2. What is Cutting? What is the Right Way To Cut?
  3. Bulking V/s Cutting, What Should You Do First?

You will learn about Bulking and Cutting based on Scientific and Personal Experience. Apart from Bulking and Cutting, another great way to build a fabulous physique is through Carb Cycling. Carb Cycling is recommended only for experienced athletes or someone under a good coach. Therefore, let us only focus on Bulking and Cutting for now.

What is Bulking? How To Bulk Fast?

Bulking is the period of gaining muscles being on a Caloric surplus. In bodybuilding terminology, it is also known as an off-season or gaining period. Bulking leads to an increase in muscle mass and some accumulation of fat. So, someone on bulking adds size to the body looking buff. You cannot lose fat and gain muscles at the same time in the bulking season.

Bulking And Cutting, how to bulk

There are two types of Bulking:-

Dirty Bulk - The majority of the people do this kind of Bulk. Dirty Bulk happens when someone stays on a caloric surplus diet and includes junk food in daily consumption. This leads to more accumulation of fat rather than muscles.

Dirty Bulking is not an ideal way to bulk, but the majority of the people follow it as they see a quick increase in size. If you are into powerlifting, dirty Bulk can be ideal for you. However, if you want to build an aesthetic physique, then dirty bulking is not a perfect choice.

Lean Bulk or Clean Bulk - A few people follow this kind of technique. There is a myth that Lean Bulk is not possible. Lean Bulk requires clean eating in a caloric surplus. So, most of the people fail to consume high calories from pure food.

Lean Bulking increases muscle with the lowest fat accumulation. Being a natural athlete, Clean Bulk can be slow in comparison to the dirty Bulk. If you want an excellent looking aesthetic physique, then Clean Bulk is the best choice to gain size.

How To Bulk Fast?

Bulking requires a lot of eating, but the results are worth it. Follow these golden tips to Bulk Fast:-

1. Eat Clean and Divide your meals in to at least five meals daily.

2. Stay in a Caloric Surplus of 300-500 Calories (a Calorie is a unit of energy humans get from the consumption of food or drink and the energy used in any work done by the body).

If you do not know your required daily calories, then find out from this link. Input your Age, Height, Weight, Gender, and Activity Level correctly to get your required daily calories. Once you know your Daily Maintenance Calories, Add 300 to 500 Calories to this, and you have your calories needed to Bulk.

The Ratio of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats is 50%, 30%, and 20%, respectively, as a general rule of thumb. This means that the given percentage of each given macro should be allocated into the bulk diet plan.

3. If you are not able to eat this much daily, then blend the meals into shakes for easy consumption.

4. Measure your Food Correctly!

What is Cutting? What is the Right Way To Cut?

Cutting is the period in bodybuilding where an athlete stays in a caloric deficit to lose fat and uncover the muscles gained during the off-season.

Bulking And Cutting, How to do cutting or fat loss

One common question people ask "Can you gain muscles and lose fat at the same time?", So, if you have been lifting for more than a year. It may not be possible to gain muscles while cutting as a natural athlete unless you are a Genetic Freak.

However, if you are new into resistance training, then you might see some muscle gain even if you are in a caloric deficit.
The majority of the people in the Cutting phase fail to lose fat; instead, they lose muscles with the fat. Therefore, it is crucial to know the correct technique to lose fat.

What is the Right Way To Cut?

There are some essential tips to lose fat and get shredded. Golden rules for a Shredded Physique:-

1. Do not skip Carbohydrates entirely in your meals, limit them as they are the primary source of energy for the muscles.

2. Stay in a Caloric Deficit of 300 to 500 Calories. You can follow the same process to calculate the calories from step number 2 of "How To Bulk Fast." You have to subtract 300 to 500 Calories from the maintenance calories to lose fat.
The ideal ratio of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat, is 30%, 40%, and 30%, respectively. This is just the basic rule of thumb for the cutting diet. However, this may change according to your body type.

3. Measure each food item correctly for the best results.

4. Cheat Meals should be taken occasionally whenever your body stops responding to a particular diet. Cheat Meal shocks the body when a Cutting program is followed for an extended period.

5. Include food items and exercises that boost metabolism.

6. Eat a lot of Fibers that can help in reducing the appetite.

7. Lift heavy so that you can maintain the muscle mass, High Repetitions during Cutting is a Myth!

8. Excess Cardio can lead to muscle loss; Empty stomach cardio helps a lot.

Bulking V/s Cutting, What Should You Do First?

This depends majorly on the current body fat percentage of a person. If your body fat is more than 15%, then start with the Cutting phase; however, if your body is low or you're a skinny guy, start with bulking first.
The reason I have recommended Cutting with more than 15% of body fat is that people lose motivation as fat loss requires patience. If you bulk up with high body fat percentage, it will accumulate more fat; therefore, Cutting can seem frustrating as the physique looks aesthetic as a low-fat percentage.

To summarise this information on Bulking and Cutting, an aesthetic physique requires patience, correct Bulk, and Cut. When should you Bulk or Cut depends majorly on the current Fat percentage of the body.
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