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How to Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally | Best Guide To Exercise & Nutrition/Supplements

Growing Muscle Mass Naturally is the game of patience with proper weight training, correct nutrition, and recovery. It takes years to gain a decent amount of muscle mass, but most of the people lose motivation and do not even achieve their minimum potential muscle growth. Instead of adding muscle mass, people generally gain a lot of fat following the dirty bulk technique. People say that it is the 80% diet and only 20% workout, but practically to gain muscle naturally, it is the 50% diet and 50% workout with complete recovery. Building muscle is a simple process, yet people make it very complicated due to misguidance.

How to Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally

So this guide on How To Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally is the only quality information you will require to grow muscles. Following this guide will give you significant results; therefore, read with patience and do not miss out on any crucial point. Also, the information provided is wholly based on scientific research, my personal lifting experience, and applicable to both Men and Women looking to build muscles. Some important questions related to muscle building have also been answered that include:-

How much Muscle Mass can you gain naturally every month?

Best Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass Fast?

Best Exercises to Build Muscle Mass?

Best Repetition range for maximum Muscle Growth?

How To Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally:-

The target here is to gain lean muscle mass with the lowest amount of fat accumulation on the body because gaining only muscle mass without any fat is like constructing a new house without expecting any unwanted materials.
So, practically it is not possible to gain lean muscle mass naturally without some fat. But some people can increase lean muscle mass without fat naturally due to their superior genetics characteristics; therefore, not everyone can obtain the same muscle mass usually. Everyone has a different body type with different genetics, but the necessary thumb of rule for muscle growth remains the same.

Three Steps To Building Muscle Mass:-

1. Training - training can be any physical activity, but the quickest way to build muscle is Weight/Resistance training. Weight training damages the muscle tissues with the highest intensity that requires a balanced diet and proper rest for growth. Also, weight training boosts your testosterone levels, one of the vital hormone for muscle growth.
How to Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally

It is recommended to create a good workout schedule consisting of compound and isolation exercises. The Progressive Overload technique has to be implemented in each workout for maximum and effective muscle growth. Moreover, avoid overtraining the muscle for optimal growth.

What is Progressive Overload?

In simple words, it is increasing weight or repetitions in a particular exercise in each workout session.
Example:- Suppose you are doing bench press on Monday Week 1 with 50Kg of total resistance for 10 Repetitions. Then Monday Week 2, you should attempt the bench press for 52Kg for 10 Repetitions or the same 50Kg for 11-12 Repetitions.

Basically, this technique will put more intensity on the muscle each session, thus faster growth. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of your progress with every exercise of the workout schedule.

It is also essential to choose the best exercises for each muscle group to maximize results. Therefore I have covered the best exercises with the free workout below that can boost your muscle growth.

2. Diet - You have to follow a proper diet plan containing balanced ratios of the macro ingredients. Customize your diet plan according to the body's requirements.

How to Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally

Caloric surplus of about 300 calories every day (a Calorie is a unit of energy just like Inch/cm in Height, In the context of nutrition calorie is the energy humans get from the consumption of food/drink and the energy used in any physical activity).

Calculate your daily required calories from any available "calorie calculator" website available on google or download any app such as "myfitnesspal," etc.
Fill the required entries accurately in the calculator such as your Age, Height, Weight, Lifestyle, and find out your maintenance calories.
Then add about 300 calories to those maintenance calories and customize the diet plan according to the availability of the food items. Divide the macro ratios into 50% Carbohydrates, 30% Protein, and 20% Healthy Fats.

Example:- After filling the required information, you get your daily maintenance calories to be 2000. Therefore, you simply need to add extra 300 calories to the maintenance amount that is 2000 + 300 = 2300.
So, you need to consume 2300 calories daily to gain weight.

Out of these 2300 calories, 50% should come from carbohydrates that are 1150 calories (1gm Carb = 4Kcal); therefore, 1150/4 = 287.5 grams of carbs daily.

Similarly, 30% protein in the diet = 690 Calories that is (1gm Protein = 4Kcal) therefore, 690/4 = 172.5 grams of daily protein.

20% Healthy Fats in the diet = 460 Calories that is (1gm Fat = 9Kcal); therefore, 460/9 = 51 grams of daily Healthy Fats. 

Note:- Once you start gaining mass and your weight changes, you need to calculate your calorie requirement using the same procedure consistently.
You can also approach an expert nutritionist to make a customized diet plan.

Now you know how to plan your diet for muscle building, it also becomes to digest such meals, therefore, include fibers in your diet too and consume at least 4-5 liters of water daily. Check Out this guide on How To Improve Digestion for maximum results.
Consumption of the macros is essential, but to fulfill the micro requirements of the body, include veggies in your diet too with the right multivitamin and Omega 3 supplements.

3. Recovery - Another essential key factor for muscle growth. People often neglect this step. That is the reason they fail to add muscles. Sleep at least 8 hours daily for the best recovery and take at least 1-2 days rest from the gym. It is the best time when your body heals and grows new muscles; therefore, never compromise on your recovery. Body massage will also help in faster muscle recovery.

How to Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally

How much Muscle Mass can you gain naturally every month?

According to my personal experience and scientific research, a person with average genetics can gain up to 7kg to 10kg of Lean Muscle Mass naturally in the first year of training, also known as newbie gains. With training time, the rate of lean muscle mass decreases and drops up to 5kg in the second lifting year.
Note that here I am talking about lean muscle mass and not the weight gain. So, it can take at least 5 years of consistent lifting with proper workout, diet and, recovery to build decent muscle mass in the body naturally. Moreover, someone with superior genetics can build more muscle than the average person.

Best Supplements to Gain Muscle Mass Fast?

There are a variety of supplements available in the market, but not every product delivers what it promises, and most of them are not even required for muscle building. There are only two supplements that are helpful to muscle building:-

How to Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally

1. Whey Protein - A great supplement to fulfill your daily protein requirements. Required only if you cannot complete the daily intake of protein needed through whole food. Check out these affordable and value for money whey proteins if you are from India.

2. Creatine - The king of supplements, in my opinion. Increases strength and muscle mass significantly and the most researched supplement. Low cost and a beneficial supplement for muscle building that is very difficult to consume through whole food. There are many kinds of creatine available, but you should buy only the creatine monohydrate or micronized in the powder form.
Moreover, drink at least 4-5 Litres of water daily for best results and the hair loss, kidney damage, etc., side effects are just myths.
Omega 3 and Multivitamin supplements can also be considered to fulfill the body's micronutrient requirements.

Best Exercises to Build Muscle Mass? 

I have already provided the best exercises for muscle growth with free workouts that includes:-
1. Chest
2. Back
3. Biceps
4. Triceps
5. Shoulders
Make sure to check these posts for detailed information!

How to Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally

Best Repetition range for maximum Muscle Growth?

There are mainly three repetition range considered to build muscle that is the 1 to 5 for muscle strength training, 6 to 12 for muscle hypertrophy, and 12 to 20 for muscle endurance.
The 6 to 12 is considered for hypertrophy, but that does not mean you have to stick to this only rep range. It is equally important to incorporate all three rep ranges for maximum muscle growth.

Summarizing this information on How to Gain Muscles Fast Without Fat Naturally, it can be said that a consistent workout, proper diet, and recovery is all you need to build muscles. Also, if you still have any other questions or doubts, feel free to comment below. Share this quality information with others to maximize your gains.

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