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Jaundice Diet For Faster Recovery | Best And Worst Foods For Jaundice Patients

Jaundice is one of those harmful diseases that can occur at an unexpected time, causing severe weakness in the body. I have suffered from this disease and experienced the pain of a Jaundice patient. Therefore, the information provided here will be beneficial for quick Recovery and trustworthy. Moreover, it is based on proper medical research and experience. Adequate answers to questions such as "Can I Eat Egg or Non-Veg during Jaundice," have been solved below.
Jaundice diet, jaundice patient

Correct medical treatment and the right nutrition can boost Recovery from Jaundice; however, the consumption of wrong food items can spoil the situation for the patient. Therefore, this information covers the correct advice to recover from Jaundice with a brief explanation to common questions related to Jaundice that includes:-

What is Jaundice?

What are the Symptoms of Jaundice?

Jaundice Diet For Faster Recovery, What Foods boost Jaundice Treatment?

What are the Foods to Avoid During Jaundice?

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a disease caused by an increased amount of bilirubin in the blood of the person forming yellow discoloration of the skin, eyes and, mucous membranes. It happens due to the weakening of the Liver that metabolizes and excretes the bilirubin in the form of bile.
Jaundice diet, bad liver

What are the Symptoms of Jaundice?

Some common Jaundice Symptoms are:-

Yellow discoloration of the Nails, Skin, and Eyes.
Severe Headaches with Fever.
Stomach Pain with frequent Vomiting.
Pale stools
Dark Urine

Jaundice Diet For Faster Recovery, What Foods boost Jaundice Treatment?

Faster Recovery consists of the right medical treatment with the right quantity and the correct food item. You cannot expect Recovery from Jaundice only with the medical treatment; it is necessary to avoid certain foods.
Jaundice diet, treatment

Basically, a Jaundice Diet should contain Food rich in Carbohydrates with Low Glycemic index, Lean Protein, Fiber, and Fruits/Vegetables that helps in the Liver's health improvement with specific digestive properties.

Do not consume heavy meals containing Fats, high sugar, high Sodium or spices, and Oily Foods should be avoided. It can cause severe problems in the Liver and decrease the rate of Recovery.

The ideal meal of a Jaundice Patient should contain food items such as:-

Plain Oats or Cereals
Egg Whites
Natural Honey
Boiled Potato
White/Brown Rice
Thin Whole Wheat Chapati
Spinach Soup
Jaundice diet, spinach
There are more options available, but it is always required to consult a doctor for a better expertise.
Moreover, People from Asian Origin can also include a dish called "Khichdi" cooked in low salt/spices.

Fruits and Vegetable ideal for Liver:-

Sweet Potato

Sugarcane or Fresh Sugarcane juice is a magic item to cure Jaundice. It is beneficial, and the results can be noticed once you start including it in your diet.
Jaundice diet, sugar cane

So, these are some food items that can effectively boost your Jaundice recovery, but make sure that you do not eat a lot. Divide your meals into small portions so that it becomes easier for the body to digest and process the nutrients.

Additional Tips For Faster Jaundice Recovery:-

Drink Clean Filtered or Boiled Water throughout the day, drink at least 3 Litres of Water Daily as most of the toxins flush out of your body through Urine.

You need to eat the correct Food that will boost your Jaundice Recovery for at least 30 to 50 Days post-recovery. No matter if you are entirely recovered, there exists chances that it may revert again; therefore, avoid eating your daily routine Food even after healing.

Another important factor responsible for Jaundice recovery is proper Rest. Avoid active lifestyle or work, spend most of your time in bed. You will definitely see visible results and feel healthier with adequate Rest.

Many popular blogs recommend fish as a lean protein source for Jaundice patients, but if it remains uncooked by any chance, it can act as a poison for the Liver. It's better to avoid fish as there can a minimal risk, but colossal damage can be done with a small mistake. Not just fish completely eliminate every kind of Non-Veg Food in your diet as they stress the Liver for proper digestion. Also, Jaundice is a disease that can revert anytime with even a small mistake, and fish is one such food item that should be avoided for at least 2 months post-recovery.

What are the Foods to Avoid During Jaundice?

Certain food items are clean and nutritious but act toxic during Jaundice for the Liver. Some food items that should be avoided are:-
Jaundice diet, food to avoid

Non-Veg Food:- Although Lean Protein can be consumed during Jaundice if uncooked, it can be hard for the Liver to process. Beef and Pork should be avoided entirely due to high amino acids and Fats present in them. Moreover, the best results can be noticed by eliminating every Non-Veg Food as they take more time to digest stressing the Liver. However, you can consume Boiled Egg removing the yolk or yellow part without any problem.

Oily or Fried Food:- The unsaturated fats present in the Oil are dangerous for the Liver; therefore, eat boiled Food for fast Recovery. Eliminate every food item cooked in Oil in your Jaundice Diet. Do not even consume the Olive Oil as for those with higher Jaundice levels healthy fats can strain the Liver. Also, avoid Junk Food completely post at least 60 days of Recovery.

Alcohol:- Stay away from every kind of Alcohol drinks, whether it's whiskey, beer, vodka, etc. They damage the Liver vigorously, resulting in deteriorating Recovery and increased Jaundice levels. Even after complete recovery from Jaundice, it is recommended to avoid Alcoholic drinks for at least 3 months as the chances of reverting of the disease can occur.

Sugar:-  You have to control your sugar intake in your Food. Prefer Natural Sugar from fruits, Honey, and avoid drinking packed Fruit Juices as they contain artificial sugar and preservatives bad for the Liver. You do not have to cut down sugar completely instead consume in a meager quantity in tea or coffee.

Iron and Sodium:- Food items rich in Iron should be avoided as they can cause scarring in the Liver. Sodium or Salt/Spices should be decreased in Food that can cause water retention causing strain to the Liver. Although you can use natural powders made from Onion and garlic to add some taste in your meals.

Processed Food:- Packaged food items generally contain artificial flavors, refined carbs, and preservatives for longer shelf life. They contain chemicals that can be toxic for the Liver, thus dangerous for Jaundice patients.

To summarise, it can be said that Jaundice can become a dangerous disease if the correct treatment and diet are ignored. It can revert anytime if the provided post-recovery precautions are not practiced.

Some Important points that conclude the Jaundice Diet plan:-

Eat small meals and do not consume heavy food items that can strain the Liver.
Drink at least 3 Litres of Clean Water.
Avoid Oily/Fried Food items.
Spinach and Sugarcane boost recovery.
Sleep properly, and decrease physical practices.
Eat Boiled Food and avoid high Sodium, sugar, iron-rich Food.
Eliminate Alcohol intake completely.
No Junk, processed, packed food items.

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