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How To Improve Digestion | Natural Home Remedies For A Healthy Gut

Digestion is the process of breaking down large insoluble food molecules into small water-soluble food molecules so that the nutrients can be absorbed by the body in the bloodstream effectively. Digestion is one of the primary functions of the human body, and a healthy body is the result of a healthy gut/stomach. About 95% of the diseases occur due to a weak stomach or gut, which are a result of our unhealthy living habits. People say, "You are what you eat," but it is actually, "You are what you Digest." No matter how much clean/healthy food you consume, if you have a weak digestive system, it would not make an effective change in your health.
How To Improve Digestion
Bad Digestion can be frustrating and causes serious health problems like Gas, Constipation, Bloating, Indigestion, Skin Problems, Hairfall, etc. Therefore, to eliminate such issues, improvement of the digestion system becomes a necessity! So, this guide on How to fix Indigestion will surely provide you with the best techniques based on Science and my personal research/experience. These methods will definitely improve your digestive system in a few weeks, and you will experience a whole new healthy lifestyle. Do not miss out on any point and read with patience for guaranteed results.

Moreover, apart from how to imDigestionestion, a few critical questions related to digestion issues are solved below:-
What are the foods that cause Indigestion?
What are the signs of a weak digestive system?
What are the best supplements to Fix Indigestion?

How To Improve Digestion? Home Remedies For A Healthy Gut!

Improving Digestion or stomach health is the result of following the right eating/drinking habits with other healthy lifestyle routines. These steps will help you to sustain a healthy digestive system throughout your life, so if you already have poor Digestion, these tips will enhance your digestion system in the long term because ageing weakens the abiliDigestionestion in your body. Both Men and Women can follow the same provided steps for improving Digestionestion.

Best Techniques and Home Remedies To Develop A Strong Digestive System:-

1. Food:- Eat clean and nutritious home-cooked food containing essential macros such as complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein.
How To Improve Digestion, best food for digestion

Increase your fibre intake by including foods such as wholegrain breakfast cereals, wholewheat pasta, wholegrain bread/oats, barley, and rye.
Fruits like pears, melon, oranges, berries, and Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, potatoes with skin, sweetcorn, peas, beans, pulses, nuts, and seeds are also rich in Fibres, therefore, add them to your meals for extra benefits.

Avoid junk food because they contain saturated fats that can cause sticking of intestines and shallow fibre content responsible for developing gut problems. Moreover, you can eat them occasionally if you are actively addicted to these tasty yet unhealthy food items.

Dry Fruits have several benefits on our body, but it is recommended to consume them in a limited quantity, limit yourself to 5 pieces of a dry fruit per serving.

2. Water:- Keep yourself hydrated and drink at least 3 litres of water daily. Water helps in the digestion process transporting nutrients in the body, regulates body temperature, and creates balance by replenishing the lost fluids during respiration, perspiration, and urination.
How To Improve Digestion

You can drink water while eating but do not drink water for at least 30 minutes after completing your meal, as the body temperature rises to digest the food and water create problem in this process. Similarly, bathing after meals causes the same issues for the body.

Just after getting out of the bed drink and even before rinsing or brushing your mouth, drink at least 1 to 2 glasses of water as the saliva developed during sleep is really powerful and beneficial for the body. Keeping the water overnight in a copper vessel or glass and drinking it in the morning would even make it more useful for the digestive system.

3. Lifestyle/ Exercise:- An active lifestyle helps in boosting the body's metabolism, Exercising, Meditation, and specific Yoga asanas can benefit the digestion process in the body. Moreover, quality sleep helps in healing particular organs of the body, enhancing the digestive process of the body.
How To Improve Digestion

Minimise the stress levels, stop overthinking that causes stress in the body because a stressful body generates toxins causing trouble to the digestive system.

Make a habit of eating your meals daily in a fixed window of time and avoid eating heavy meals post-sunset.
Chew your food at least 25 to 30 times as more than half of the digestion process completes within the mouth, and the rest of it is completed by the digestive system.
Do not make a habit of consuming digestive tonics, medicines, or enzymes regularly as it dampens the activity of the digestive system making it less effective in the long term.
Also, consuming Rock Salt with Ginger before meals will boost up your digestive system with more significant benefits.

What are the foods that cause Indigestion?

How To Improve Digestion
There are certain food items and combinations that cause Indigestion in the body such as:-
Tea with Salty Foods!
Milk with Fruits!
Tea after Food!
Mango or Banana Shakes!
Vegetable Salads!
Milk Dalia!
If your body is Gluten tolerant, then avoid foods containing Gluten. Similarly, if you are Lactose tolerant, then avoid dairy products!

What are the signs of a weak digestive system?

A weak digestive system causes many health problems in the body, such as Gas, Constipation, Bloating, Indigestion, Skin Problems, Hairfall, and even Blisters on the tongue. Therefore, if you face these issues regularly, it is more likely that you have a weak digestive system.

What are the best supplements to fix Indigestion?

There are many kinds of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and supplements available in the market. Probiotics are the good bacteria that keep your digestive system healthier by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria.
So, do you really need any of the supplements to cure Indigestion?

No, you do not need any kind of supplement to cure your Indigestion.
You can make probiotic-rich meals at your home, one recommended recipe should be to take Curd with Jaggery in your consumption.
More probiotic-rich foods include paneer, Idli, Apple Cider Vinegar, and other good bacteria fermented food items.
Moreover, Ghee can be used to cure Acidity problems in the body because it is rich in Butyric acid, which serves as a significant source of energy for both the Colon and the Large Intestine.

To conclude, these were some best home-based natural remedies to fix Indigestion. Apply these techniques and habits in your daily lifestyle; it will surely benefit your digestive health. Maximum benefits can be achieved by following each and every required step. Still, even if you start incorporating some of the habits consistently, you will definitely notice changes in your stomach/gut health.
I hope this quality information on how to improve Digestion adds something valuable to your knowledge. Share it with your friends and family those who are suffering from Indigestion and comment below if you still have any doubt or query.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing these remedies. Or you can also take herbal medicine for acidity to get relief from this problem.


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