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How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs (Moobs) | Easy Steps To Fix Chest Fat In A Few Weeks

Man boobs/breasts is a condition where the chest area of men starts to look like those of female. It is one of the critical issues which can make an attractive physique look odd and weird. There are situations where you got to take off your upper clothing at the beach, swimming, etc., and it makes really uncomfortable with those loose female looking chest. Therefore, this guide will help you to know the exact scenario behind chest fat or man boobs backed by science and my personal recommendations.
Following these steps will, 100% fix your chest fat or Man Boobs, so it is recommended to read with patience and does not skip on any part.

How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs, Fix chest fat

I am going to clear all your doubts regarding Man Boobs with a simple explanation of this problem including few commons questions such as:-

What Causes Man Boobs?

How to get rid of Man Boobs?  How to fix chest fat in a few weeks?

What are the Foods that Cause Man BoobsBest Diet to get rid of Male breast?

Before going further on these questions, the first primary step is to figure out what kind of chest problem you are actually suffering from? There can be various kinds of chest problems, but the most popular are:-
1. Chest Fat - As the name suggests, an excess layer of fat on the chest leads to the loose male chest or man boobs, also known as Chest Fat. It is not a serious issue and can be solved with the simple method of losing fat. Moreover, it does not cause any type of pain when something comes in the contact of your chest or, more specifically, nipples.
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs, gyno fix

2. Gynecomastia, aka Gyno - Now this something serious and cannot be cured easily without individual medical supervision. Gynecomastia is formed due to Hormonal imbalances in the males. Estrogen, which is considered as the hormone responsible for female characteristics, is found at a deficient level in men. Therefore, when estrogen increases and Testosterone (Male Hormone) decreases, it causes various medical health problems in the male body, Gyno being the most common.
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs, gyno chest
How to spot Gynecomastia in males?
If you have puffy nipples and touching them creates slight pain (Not Necessary), you have higher chances ofGynoo. Visiting a gynaecologist for complete surety is recommended.

What Causes Man Boobs?

Man boobs are generally caused by Chest Fat or Gynecomastia, as explained above.

In the case of Chest Fat:-

It is commonly caused due to obesity, eating high surplus caloric food regularly, and sedentary lifestyle. The surplus in calories or those unburnt calories results in creating a stubborn fat layer in the overall body. This fat covers the majority of muscles in the body, including the chest, which gives the look of Man Breasts.
Note:- a Calorie is a unit of energy just like Inch/cm in Height, In the context of nutrition calorie is the energy humans get from the consumption of food/drink and the energy used in any physical activity.

In the case of Gynecomastia:-

Gynecomastia is simply caused by Hormonal Imbalances in the body, developing swollen male breast tissues, the lower level of Testosterone, and high estrogen levels.
Estrogen in men increases due to over intake of alcoholic drinks such as Beer. Also, some foods indirectly increase estrogen levels. Overdose of bodybuilding steroids leads to excess formation of Testosterone in the body. Therefore, the remaining unused Testosterone develops into Estrogen, causing Gyno. Moreover, herbs such as Lavender, Dong Quai, and tea tree oil are also responsible for increasing estrogen levels.

How to get rid of Man Boobs? How to fix chest fat in a few weeks?

Now, if you want to get rid of this problem, the identification of the root cause is the first necessary step, as explained above.
If you are actually suffering from Gynecomastia, then surgery from a gynaecologist is the best solution. Any other method is not recommended as it can develop the worst side effects. It is a small surgery, so nothing to worry about, therefore, won't cause any other problems.

Steps to Fix Chest Fat in Few Weeks:-

1. Diet - You have to eat in a caloric deficit of about 300 to 500 calories of your maintenance calories.
How to find your maintenance calories?
Look on google for a calorie calculator, it will ask some of your details which include age, height, lifestyle, weight, etc.
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs, healthy diet

Now suppose your maintenance calories come to be 2000. Therefore, you are required to cut around 500 calories in your DietDiet, which gives us 1500 calories. Finally, you have to make a diet plan of 1500 calories according to the macros that are the protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Adjust the calories as you progress with the fat loss. Minimize the intake of Sugar, Junk Food, and eat more veggies, at least drink 3 litres of water daily, Fiber-rich foods that will help in the suppression of your eating appetite.

2. Physical Activity - Performing physical activities such as Weight Training, Running, Swimming, Home Workout, or any outdoor sports will give higher results. A healthy body and an attractive physique can be achieved through physical activity when supplemented with a Good Diet Plan.
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs, chest fat exercises

Resistance Training is the most recommended activity as it will add muscle mass to your body, giving an appealing aesthetic look. You can also perform Home Workout if you do not access to Gym or required equipment. Prioritize your chest workout in your schedule for maximum results.

3. Supplementation - You are required not to spend your valuable money on fat loss supplements, they are simply a waste of money.
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs, supplements to fix chest fat
Being on a caloric deficit diet, it is recommended to add right multivitamin supplements and a Fish Oil rich in Omega 3. Whey Protein can be consumed if you are unable to fulfil your daily protein needs through whole food.

Follow these three master tips, and you will definitely see results in a few weeks!

Chest Fat can be reduced by dropping the overall body fat percentage. It is ultimately a myth to say that chest fat can be reduced by such specific exercise or supplements. Also, it is entirely wrong to say that chest fat can be fixed by burning the fat in the chest region through any particular technique. Basically, you have to drop the overall fat percentage of your body, and reducing fat only in the specific area is impossible.

What are the Foods that Cause Man Boobs? Best Diet to get rid of Male breast?

Foods that cause Male Breasts:-
1. Soy Products - They contain plant-based Estrogen, which indirectly adds to the male estrogen levels. So, it recommended avoiding these foods entirely for maximum benefits because if you already have high estrogen levels, even it's little consumption can develop problems. Although consuming them regularly on a limited basis would not cause any serious issue for an average individual (40gm is the max limit for soy foods on a daily consumption basis according to my recommendation).
How To Get Rid Of Man Boobs, estrogen

2. Processed/Deep-Fried Foods - Contains a high level of saturated fat, and chemicals used in preservation can develop side effects in the Male Chest tissues. Even frozen meat can also increase estrogen levels.

3. Alcohol - Weakens the liver of your body, which fails to get rid of the excess estrogen compounds in the body. Also, Beer contains phytoestrogen, which converts into Estrogen by the body.

4. Dairy Products - Milk products contain high estrogen levels, so if you already have Man Boobs, then limit its consumption as much as possible.

5. Beetroot - Natural supplements for someone with low estrogen levels, which can boost the estrogen levels in the body. Therefore, avoid this food to get rid of your Male Breasts.

Best Diet to get rid of Male breast?

No special diet is required to eliminate the Male breasts. A simple caloric deficit diet, as explained above, will surely give results. Moreover, avoid the list of foods provided above if you want to get rid of Man Boobs.

To conclude, this was the best guide on how to get rid of man boobs or male breasts. Follow these steps consistently for a few weeks, and thank me later in the comment box below. This was definitely some quality information based on science and my personal experience/ research. Therefore, feel free to comment if you still have any doubt on the Male Breast problem. Share this information among the needy for a blessed life ahead.

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