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Best Exercises For Back | Free V-Taper Mass Building Back Workout Program (Special 2020 Edition)

The Back is a large muscle group present at the rear side consisting of primary muscle groups called the lats, which are in the area below your armpits down the side. Rhomboids are present in the mid-upper Back and Traps, which give a beast look to your upper body. In Bodybuilding's theory, the rear muscle is divided mainly into the Upper Back and the Lower Back.
Training both these major parts becomes a necessity for a well proportionate, massive, and a V-Taper complete back.
Best Exercises For Back-

I have provided some of the Best exercises for Back based on their benefits and effectiveness recommended by science and my lifting experience. The best Upper Back and the Lower Back exercises have been discussed along with a Free V-Taper Mass Building Workout Program.

Back is an important muscle to train, but people generally avoid training their Lower Back because they face the fear of injury. This happens only when incorrect posture or range of motion is performed while exercising.
To solve this issue, I have included some unique vital points in each exercise for injury-free and smooth training.
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Upper and Lower Back should be given equal importance as a weak Lower Back create numerous problems in the long run. Strengthen your Lower Back for a healthy posture with the best exercises. Also, a few common questions such as:-

How to build a V-Taper Back?

How frequently should you train your Back per week?

Can we train Upper Back and Lower Back individually on different days?

How to Build massive Traps and Forearms?

Best Exercises For Back:-

1. Pull-Ups:- An excellent compound movement to build strong and wide lats. Targets the Upper Back primarily, and the Lower Back is also involved to an extent. Beginners may face a lot of difficulties while performing this exercise, but it can be mastered as you progress. Do not confuse between Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups as both are different movements targeting different muscle groups.

Best Exercises For Back
Note:- Perform with a controlled range of motion and avoid using too much momentum.

2. Wide Grip Lat Pulldown:- Another great exercise to build wide Lats with much easier movement than the Pull-Ups. Isolates the Lats to a greater extent with minimum shoulders involvement. Moreover, it limits the activation of arms to the lowest, so your arms will not feel tired.
Not only Beginners, but even Professional Athletes also incorporate this exercise in their training routine.

Best Exercises For Back
Note:- Your hands must be only used as hooks, do not pull the Bar down, incorporating the forearms mostly, and the maximum weight should be pulled down using your Lats.

3. Close Grip Lat Pulldown:- Compound movement performed on the Lat Pulldown machine targeting Lats as primary muscle. Arms and shoulders are also trained as secondary muscles, a great exercise to hit your Upper Back at a different angle. Easy for Beginners to incorporate into their workout routine.
Best Exercises For Back
Note:- Use Moderate weights and focus more on muscle contraction.

4. Single-Arm Dumbbell Row:- the Best exercise to add mass to your Lats. Although arms play a significant role in the range of motion, maximum isolation can be felt on the Lats. This is an old school exercise that really helps in putting thickness to your Lats also activates your biceps to an extent. Also, performing with a single-arm creates more mind-muscle connection and intensity; moreover, this should be a "Must have" exercise in your Back Workout.

Best Exercises For Back
Note:- Do not perform this exercise; placing a knee on the bench as compromised form with heavyweight can create unwanted internal damage below your abdominal area.

5. Deadlift:- An exercise that probably needs no introduction in the Bodybuilding industry. Great compound movement with numerous benefits yet a risky one! The deadlift is an exercise that actually targets most of the upper body and lower body muscles. They build massive strength and muscle mass, which helps in the overall progression of the body. Deadlifts also boost testosterone levels in the human body, which is a significant hormone for muscle growth.

Best Exercises For Back

There are a variety of Deadlifts, but here I am going to recommend Conventional deadlift because it targets the Back, Hamstring, and glutes primarily. Conventional deadlifts also target the abdominal muscles, which will make a stronger core, and due to so much volume, it burns a lot of calories helping in Fat Loss.

Perform deadlift under experienced coach or Lifter with the correct technique for an injury-free workout and start with Light Weights. This exercise targets overall Back muscles, but building a healthy Lower Back is the primary purpose. While performing Deadlifts, the more you take the Barbell below your knees, the more you are going to engage your Glutes and Hamstrings.

So, if you only want to build the Lower Back taking the Barbell till your knees would be enough, but if you also want to target your Glutes and Hamstrings, you can take the Bar below your knees.
Note:- Use a reverse-grip and do not aim for 1 Rep Max in each session!

6. Seated Cable Row:- Squeeze your Back with significant contraction and add thickness easily. Seated Cable Row is a great exercise to develop killer Rhomboids in your Back and trains your Forearms too. This exercise provides a high workout back pump with minimum activation of biceps. Overall, a tremendous productive activity to build a V-Taper Back!

Best Exercises For Back
Note:- Bent Over Barbell Row is an excellent alternative to Seated Cable Row exercise.

7. Dumbbell Back Extension:- One of the Best Exercise to isolate and develop a healthy Lower Back. It is one recommended exercise which actually prevents Lower Back from being injured also helps in recovery of the damaged or painful Lower Back. An excellent finisher exercise for your Lower Back routine and an important one for the longevity of healthy back muscles.

Best Exercises For Back

So, these were one of the recommended and best exercises for Back. Answer to the few common questions related to the Back Muscles are:-

How to build a V-Taper Back?

A small waist, wide Lats, and shoulders results in the formation of the V-Taper Back structure. Moreover, your overall Fat Percentage should be less than 12 percent for a big and attractive V-Taper look.

How frequently should you train your Back per week?

Training Lower Back should be limited to once a week, whereas the Upper Back can be adequately trained twice for Natural Lifters!

Can we train Upper Back and Lower Back individually on different days?
Of course, you can train these muscle groups individually and incorporate them into your workout routine, respectively.

How to Build massive Traps and Forearms?

I would recommend training your Traps with Shoulders as Back exercises such as Deadlifts target them very effectively.
You do not need to train your Forearms separately if you perform Back compound movements consistently, and believe me, it works 100 percent!

Free Mass Building V-Taper Back Workout Program:-

  • Pull-Ups - 3 Sets of 10 Repetitions (50 Seconds of rest between each set)
  • Close Grip Lat Pulldown - 3 Sets of 8 to 12 Repetitions (40 to 50 Seconds of rest between each set)
  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown - 3 Sets of 10 to 15 Repetitions (40 to 50 Seconds of rest between each set)
  • Single-Arm Dumbbell Row - 3 Sets of 8 to 12 Repetitions (40 to 50 Seconds of rest between each set)
  • Conventional Deadlifts - 3 Sets of 6 to 10 Repetitions (60 to 90 Seconds of rest between each set)
  • Seated Cable Row - 3 Sets of 10 to 15 Repetitions (40 Seconds of rest between each set)
  • Dumbbell Back Extension - 2 Sets of 8 to 12 Repetitions (30 Seconds of rest between each set)

Note:- Beginners can skip Pull-Ups and follow the rest of the workout effectively!

To conclude, these were some of the Best Exercises for Back and a Free V-Taper muscle-building workout. Moreover, if you still have any doubts or questions, feel free to comment below. Share this article with other Lifters and help them build a strong back, which would benefit the most number of people.

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